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Plot Summary

Obscure Affairs is about you, and only you! Going through some rough times, a failed marriage which lasted a few years and ended up in a night, but some time after you managed to get over it and start over, this time from zero, and hope you get back those years of youth which you lost, and somehow you managed to do that, but we'll see how that goes... 


The game is built on the choices you make, leading to different outcomes for each of the characters. You can also customize each of the characters you're interacting with, building each one of them the way you imagine it! It's up to you after all...

Through the game you'll meet different characters, some may affect the outcome of the story, some may not...

The Characters

Most of the characters will be fully customizable, like their relationship to you, their name, age, or nicknames depend on the character.

(Below you can find a short description about them, those are canon names, but you can change them in-game if you wish.)

MC - Or the Main Character of Obscure Desires, he went through a lot in the last years, but he finally managed to get that divorce, even though he was left with almost nothing, somehow he managed to find a cheap rent with some students and moved in with them for a while.

LEAH - She's mostly done with the years of college, goes to the same college as Eliza, they met in the first years and remained best friends all along the years, both of them moved together after a while, as for Leah, she's a bit different, her two sides show up often and MC may or may not like them...

ELIZA - Quite different from Leah, but even through with these differences they're still the best friends to have around, ready to help whenever they can, as for her, she's a mystery, each day with her feels like a new one and at the end of the day you're thinking you met someone new, that's just her...

DIANA & ALICE - Both of them are quite inseparable. They moved here from the other side of the country. When they arrived at the train station they bumped into Leah, from there it's another story. Let's just say they were housemates after just one week. As for them, they grew up together in the same block and once they were done with school, both of them went to the same college, hoping that, here people wouldn't laugh at them because of their look and because they are inseparable...

Features / Fetishes

- Enhanced FHD Visuals

- Customizable Characters

- Different Outcomes for choices and Character Paths

- Animated Scenes in FHD

- Multiple Choices 

- POV Scenes 

- Lesbian / BDSM / Feet / Ass / Licking 

- Group Sex (Based on Choices)

Updated 9 hours ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date 20 days ago
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(105 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Ren'Py, Adobe After Effects
Tags3D, Adult, Character Customization, Erotic, Male protagonist, Ren'Py
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Official - Obscure Affairs Standard Edition
Official - Obscure Affairs Ultimate Edition
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i found it now, was'nt showing up on the link earlier today. But now i got it. Thanks for help and quick response. Keep up the good work mate :)

Question for those who bought the Ultimate Edition, are your links working fine? You can download the OA Ultimate Edition 3.20? 

Deleted 36 minutes ago

i bougth the  ultimate edition a long time ago, but i cant find any new updates. Only the ultimate edition that was uploaded in desember last year :(

There's no option to download the Ultimate Edition? 

where is update ? 

The latest and official update is available for download already.

Hello, have you talked anything about your change of the models? Im mainly thinkings the most recent uppscale.

Yeah, mostly on Discord or SS. Will come with a new post here too and regarding future updates and the new features plus what's to come! 

you might have answered this a million times already, but when is the next update expected to drop? Great game by the way 10/10


Coming this month! 

oh wow, awesome!

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Had a question, I downloaded v3.10UE off of f95zone and I got to the point where you go to the doctor/therapist and the game said I recommend you save here. It then brought me back to the main menu is this all there is to the game? I think I was in chapter 2.


So I went back to my last save and restarted the therapist interaction it seems if you don't tell her anything then the game ends there so you have to talk to the therapist I'll leave it at that.

Yeah, that's my bad! I forgot about that path back then and found about that issue only a month or so ago, will come back with an update for it, for the next release will just do a quick fix so you don't get send in the menu. 


loving the game so far the image quality is amazing, its so good that when I'm in the showcase my laptop fan starts going nuts. I went into task manager to see what was up and the cpu/gpu usage was around 90%, thought I wasn't going to be able to play the game. When I started the story it all went back down to 5-10%. 

The only thing I think would be cool is a brightness slider in the options menu, my screen brightness is already maxed and some scenes are just the slightest bit too dark . I don't know if its possible just wanted to put it out there, again great game I can tell you put alot of time into it. I'm excited to continue the story, thanks for all your hard work.

How long is the current estimated playtime, or what is an estimated word/scene count?

I think that's up to you, I guess, there are multiple paths with different scenes in some cases. I could try and test that and see how long would it take sometime. 

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will u make an ultimate edition for android?, i have the 2.50 ultimate edition for android but it gives me error's, i bought it a long time ago and im bummed to find out there is no ultimate edition for android right now like there was when i first got it


Yes, it's on work right now, since I'm doing some changes to the main game and remaking the APK version. I really hope it'll come out this month, at least that's in my schedule. 

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There isn't no download link for windows.WTF???(No negativity tho)


I messed up the dw links with some changes, will fix them soon. 

Thank you

It says the game's free, but to get it, you must pay at least $3.00. What's up with this?

The new Demo is in work, thus it remained the Free tag since it was like that so far, I'm just remaking the demo and deleted the old one like one month ago.

I might of missed something but i can't find the APK download. Is it in the PC zip file? 

I've fixed the tags, the ANDROID version is being re-made, it'll be available with the next version. 

Is there a time frame for that? I'm down to wait especially with how responsive you are.

Can't give an exact ETA right now, but it's coming out at the same time with 3.20, so it's due to release this month, I'm still working on all versions. I'm sorry for the issue, doing my best to finish them as soon as possible. 


Sorry if this sound like a dumb question but is there meant to be no sound, like music, event notification sounds, voice acting (moans), etc. If so are U planning on adding any.


It doesn't sound dumb at all! I was thinking about that and it might come in future, but I don't promise anything, but, it's on the checklist for the game! 

Cheers it's just a bit off for me that there no sound or even light music

I know what are you saying... 

Love the game.  Great job. snOOp, when will we see a update on itch.io? 

Working on the new one and will come with some upgrades plus additional renders on each version, both SE and UE. 

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you're a good man (or woman) ... person. you're a good person

I bought the game and played a bit. Now i am on the yacht with the last sentences be : "ill be out of your view for a while, that should do the job." after this scene the screen goes black en goes back to main menu ?

Yeah, that's where it ends the current update, game works on different paths so you missed some content, thus the reason why it seems short. 

if I paid for 2.8 ultimate do I have to pay for 3.0

No, just check the link and it goes to 3.0 version.

Can you provide a “receipt.json” file so that this can be used from the itch app? The app can’t install it because it doesn’t recognize the downloader.

You need to download it manually, not through itch app.

Okey just bought the game v2. 8 standard edition and when I press download it says file does not exist.

Does anyone know why? 


Will update the links soon to the new version! 

Hi i wanted to know if both of your games are releted?

Hey, is it normal that in the free version, it suddenly stops and send me back to the menu 5 minutes in?

wondering how the stats points work in the game if theres a way can see them for if they are on the mc or are they for the girls

3 version is is over week

Any ETA on v3UE? 

whats the story with the domination and submissive is that for mc 



Based on scenes, in some cases is for MC and the girls, but otherwise it's for the girls in like 90% of cases. 


Goddamn E.T lookalikes here lmao


Okay, here's what I see on the download page:

Ultimate Edition is listed first, says posted Dec 2021, goes to link for 4.2 G file

Standard Edition is listed second, says posted Jan 2022, goes to link for 3.3 G file.

Just in case, I downloaded both. I'm guessing they're labeled right? But thought I'd check anyway since their order was flipped from how it's listed in the pay page.


The link to are listed with those date, because if I delete them, and you already bought the game you need to buy it again, so I kept it like that and just update the links when needed. 

The links to download are ok, just double-checked them, and they link to the correct version of each one. But yeah, they are listed right there. 

how long is the game?

Please let us buy v2.80 UE already. :)

(1 edit)

Hey I purchased the ultimate edition of the game and I cannot get access to the downloads any of them it says site can't be reached 

edit: I can only reach the gofile part I cannot reach the download part it just says the site can't be reached


Will check once I get home but shouldn't be a problem with GoFile last I checked, make sure you're not trying to get it through the itch app, cause it doesn't work, only manually. 


Got it to work not sure what the problem was but essentially I clicked download it took me to gofile then it just said the site can't be reached I tried it today and now it works for some reason


Well, I'm glad it's sorted out, checked the links yesterday, and they seemed fine on my end, but who knows what happened. But, hey, it's working now for you! 

(2 edits)

I purchased the ultimate edition and downloaded it. I cannot access any of the ultimate edition features. None of the extra scenes or anything. Am I missing something? I have version 2.6 and no mods installed. I have the 15$ UE PC version and it just states that its the standard version on the start up screen.

(1 edit) (-1)

Hey, that shouldn't be possible unless you downloaded the wrong version or you previously had SE edition and somehow you copied the UE over SE but even then it should work, did you get the UE version of 2.60 which sizes up to 3.3GB?

I also checked the links just in case, but they are correct and the UE versions are in there. 

(1 edit)

no it did not have a 3.3 GB download. I can try again. In the UE download part it did not offer the 3.3GB download. 

I was able to re download and this time it seems to have worked. I think the GoFile site that itch.io uses is not very reliable.


When update 2.80 se? I neeeeeed it pls

When is the new update? Thanks

Where is the android version.?


girls in this game are nightmare fuel. jfc.

Nice cock bro

Dev, you need to fix your Ultimate Addition link. It isn't working.

What do you mean? I just tested the links, and they still work, you get any errors or anything? 

I'm not sure what you did because it works perfectly now! Originally, the gofile link would stop (not load anything) at a blank page. Thanks!

Oh, glad it's working fine now, maybe it was just something on the GoFile end. 


yeah this game is kind of shitty played it there's only two sex scenes in the whole thing and there's

 barely even talking wouldn't recommend even if this was completely out

So the current ultimate edition ends after the counselor calls your ex? No yacht getaway?

(1 edit)

The seller can't accept PayPal payments at this time. Please try again later or return to the seller and choose another way to pay.
Guess i'll have to wait :(

Could be related to itch process of payment I guess, I don't use PayPal. 


the amount of cheek bone feels over the top...

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