Beyond Persona - REMASTER Info and Updates

Hey guys, 

Wanted to share these comparison screens with you regarding the CHAPTER 1 REMASTER, this will not be only about the visuals but as well the SCRIPT itself, so as I said a while ago, the game will go through some changes, here they are so far. 

Script changes meaning that there will be some back-end changes to it, how it works, what choices you make and how they affect you, there's no secret that once this is done you'll probably want to start a new game since the saves might not work anymore and well, it's better to do so with all the changes game will suffer and enjoy the new visuals of it. 

ONE THING for certain, I see there were/are a lot of "complaints" about the foot fetish present in game, THIS WILL NOT CHANGE AT ALL, it's there, it'll stay or even get better, and that's it.

Also, this doesn't affect in any way the development of CHAPTER 3, I'm doing it side-by-side, but of course it takes time and so on, but so far I'm able to somehow split myself between the job and doing this, plus no secret anymore that I have released another game a few days ago. 

Between this and Obscure Affairs, both of them are on the same line, I do not favor one for another. 

Now, back to it and what does this mean, Chapter 3 will only END once the whole REMASTER is done for all Chapter 1 and parts of Chapter 2, but since there are a lot of events which will unfold in Chapter 3 I'm thinking the REMASTER will be done before the arc of Chapter 3!

And here are the comparison screens, I don't think it's necessary to say which one is the present one and which is remastered. 

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I like to play games from the beginning, after an update. I have no problems with feet. This is YOUR vision and I applaud you sticking with it. 



Thank you for that, and the NEW GAME will only be necessary after the whole update is completed, or, well I don't mind if someone does it with each new update from now on.