CHAPTER 3 - Changelog

CHAPTER 3 Changelog

Hi there, as some of you already know Chapter 3 is going to make some changes, especially to already released content, but also to the one which will be released over the time. 

First off all, once CHAPTER 3 is fully finished I would recommend you to do a New Story. 

This post will contain all changes which will be made through the game!

Please keep in mind that some of these changes might not be present in the already released build. 


- New Main Menu  (Not 100% done but close to it, will still suffer some changes but for now will stay like this)

- ReMastered* the Intro Allexa (Better visuals plus one animation, and Allexa's STAGE2 look)

- Adjustments to Character Anna / Sonia and Mihaela (Neither one of them were affected that hard by Aya)

- Allexa STAGE 2 (Her new look for STAGE2)

- Characters Showcase (Finally and mostly done, will still suffer some modifications, but that's the final look and how's going to work in the game)

- Grammar Errors (No explanation needed, available for all content released so far, because I still caught some, and there's a friend of mine with whom I do it, mostly assisted by me)


- UI Improvements (Choices/Transitions and Main Menu for now).

- UI Improvements [ANDROID Build] (Dialogue/Char Names fixed now, text block fixed)

- Chapter 3 Part One Re-Mastered (As it says, most of the scenes were re-made/re-rendered with updated visuals, which will be available in the next update).

- Chapter 2 Final Scene Re-Mastered.

- NEW Sandra Look (A fresh new look for her!).'

- Allexandra's STAGE 1 (Added to Characters Showcase)

- Re-Mastered* the Intro MC Scene (including a NEW SCENE which was previously cut, plus animations).

- New Scenes for Chapter 3 and animations.

- More Grammar fixes overall and some other fixes, plus more unused files deleted. 

CHAPTER 3 Overall ( TBR - To Be Released )

- UI Improvements (This is/will be available through the whole game)

- Chapters Menu** (This one is still a WIP, I have a prototype of it done, but it takes time, since I want it to be interactive, in some way. THIS IS NOT UPDATED YET IN THE GAME)

- Re-Master for some parts in the older chapters started.

This is all for now, as I already said, this post will be updated once I have something new to add or to update. 

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