Beyond Persona Chapter 2 Final INFO #2

Hey there, 

Right now I'm uploading the final part of Chapter 2, as I said it earlier it'll come with a major fix, about 99% of the grammatical errors were fixed. 

The final scene will finally open up some things about the game story, where it heads, what's ahead you and so on. 

Right now, I wasn't really happy how the Characters menu turned out so it was removed and replaced with a WIP picture and updated the Chapters menu to give you an idea how it's gonna look, once it's done you'll be able to open each Chapter and jump to a specific scene, still WIP since I can't really find a suitable design for it, yet! 

Chapter 3 development already started and it'll come with some changes regarding how the scenes are going, UI will also suffer some changes and so on, but that for later. 

For now, the Chapter 2 Final will be available for download on my Patreon 

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