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Love the game, but could i know what you use to make the characters?


Is there an android version coming ?

Cannot download PC version on app. Recommendation ?

Download it manually from the game page. The download doesn't go through the ITCH app because it's uploaded on a 3rd party upload site. 

Is incest ?



Thank you

Why i can't installed it?

I'm assuming you talk about the ANDROID version, right? That's because I forgot the limit of Google Play which is 2GB and the game goes beyond that, I'm fixing it now for the newest release which goes live in few minutes. 

Thank you, i can't wait!!

still no ANDROID version? :(

I can't download it here's what it keeps saying when I try to:

The file you are trying to download is no longer available.

This could be due to the following reasons:

The file has been removed because of a ToS or AUP violation.

Invalid URL - the link you are trying to access does not exist

The file has been deleted by the user.

Ah, I know what's the issue, did some changes to my MEGA folders structure and so on and removed the older version from the CLOUD, updating the links now with the latest version available, it's tagged as INTERNAL cause it's not meant for public release yet. 

Since a new version should be up soon, the remastered one. 

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pretty cool game. the interface is absolutely beautiful, as is the overall game style, though the face/head of the blonde roommate seems a bit off.  she looks a bit alien-ish, with an almost light-bulb shaped head, which doesnt look natural at all.

Other than that, the only aspect that i didnt like, is that it seems like you're forced into a foot-fetish. Idk,  im really not into feet, and it just seemed that the entire storyline is revolved around an annoying foot obsession that i constantly just clicked through to avoid.

anyway, it looks great. and id love

Really like your work!

Dumb question: how can i download the earlier chapters? I only manage to get chaper 3 part 2 :S

All previous content is already included in the latest update, there's no need for separate downloads! 


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Way better update! 

Couple things: 

-  you cant hide the text on android, like most games you swipe down.

- If your appealing to the foot fetish player base, you need to get more realistic looking feet, arch wrinkles etc.. I have some free plugins that will do this if you want.

- Have the characters relationships modifiable by the player and have it reflect in the dialogue.

- Just need to work on the writing a little, theres not much context or any way to understand who is who and what is going on.

- skip doesnt work, even when enabling it in options menu, on android you normally swipe right and it skips till you touch screen again.

- Here is an example of a render I've been working on for practice. Still needs work. But a good feet example.

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I couldn't agree more with this comment.

Honestly, I just could not finish this game.  I got as far as the encounter with the bald cousin, and the interaction was so terrible that I just couldn't continue any further.  Also, I refused to look at the female character's faces any longer.   Why do they all look like weird aliens?  Their heads are just so freakishly strange!

I mean, visually, the game is probably one of the better ones I have come across.  The presentation and style of the game is phenomenal, the character models are really good (again, minus the faces).   It's just the writing and faces completely killed it for me.    


Thanks for the feedback, as for the other things, in the current remaster that I'm working on Allexandra's character is changed with the one late from Chapter2 or 3, visually upgrading the both Chapter 1 and 2 plus fixes, and the writing is also suffering some changes along the way. 

By their faces, you mean, all of them you already met? Cause so far Allexandra's model and Mihaela is going to get some fixes, Anna already got her fix in the Chapter 3, and I'm using that for remaster. 


Hey Sn00p, thanks for the quick reply.  It's good to know that you're working hard on this and are active with your fanbase!  

To answer your question, yes, all the fem. characters I've met thusfar.  Though, I need to admit, that I did not play the game long enough to memorize the characters.  I believe Allexandra and Mihaela are the first two characters from the beginning.  And the blonde (Allexandra?) girl's face looks so alien that it honestly made me cringe.  However, the body modeling on all the characters is fantastic!  *Spoilers* If Anna is the girl in the red sports car a little later in the game, then her face was a lot better, but still on the creepy side.  That said, it was a fantastic improvement, which led me to believe that the Allexandra and Mihaela faces were intentionally left to look so odd.  But now I believe I better understand your upgrade process and look forward to seeing the improvements!

Well, if you can replay the game from whole to end and let me know if not, wait for the remaster to be finished and see then :D 

About active to the fanbase, of course, there's not a single reply or comment that's missed and gathering all the feedback to improve! 

is room mate the secret known code for sister in this vn like many others?  it doesn't say if this has ntr or not?..i really hate ntr crap

No, it's not and game does't have NTR.

thanks for your quick reply and answer!

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Chapter 3 Part TWO will also come soon on ITCH, to see what's new/changed check the change log either here on ITCH or on Patreon the latest build is already released on Patreon. 

Main page of the game already updated to the latest news plus the new images. 


Great art, great game...

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Dude - finally a foot fetish themed game! 


 - Text area is huge on android and it hides the feet most of the time, need to be able to hide it, and change opacity Because cant actually see the bottom half of the renders.

- Needs more realism with the feet - theres a few good daz addons to get this. Ive done some epic renders on some sexy characters i could send you the models if you want.

- Adding in some minor animations, even if theyre a few frames repeated, will give you huge traction with gaming community.

- Check out Midnight Paradise, The Secret Reloaded, and Echoes of Lust 1. Theyre epic for feet details.

- Might also be worth adding in the abililty to alter relationships.

- No possible way to download chapter 1, just found this game, and im completely lost with it because i cant play chapter 1.


Great game, has potential for sure. Just play those 3 i mentioned earlier, and see how theyve done the models etc. And PLEASE fix the text box issue. It kills the entire game and makes it not worth playing because you cant see the renders!

Hope this helps mate


About the text area, will look into that, thanks for heads up, will test on different devices. 

What do you mean about that? We can take that in private and see about what models you talk about :)

That's already done, Chapter 3 comes with animations now!

I have made a few models on daz, and theyre super sexy. I just dont know how to animate. But im happy to send you the scene because it puts out fantastic renders. But you need the morph addons to suit.

How do i download chapter 1? 

That's not available for download anymore unless you find it on other places but it's obsolete now, you can get the latest version from here Chapter 2 Final or from Patreon Chapter 3 Part One, Two should follow up soon these days.

I would say thats another thing to work on. Because its really hard to get more people into the game when there is no way to understand the story line? Essentially anyone new to the game is purely going to play and skip all the text and just stay for the renders, and wont have a vested interest in the game. Just an idea


Amazing women! Great game and relaxing 


Hey man. Great game, but the girls are not really anatomically correct.

I understand that making these models is extremely difficult, and I wouldn't be able to do it, but the eyes need to be closer together. Maybe look up a video on the geometry of faces?

I really hope that here is a simple way to fix this, since to me it is really unsettling to watch.

Anyway, keep up the good work and good luck with future updates!


Hey there, thank you for taking your time to write that. 

I'm aware of the issues and since with the first release of Chapter 3 most of the game/models etc will suffer some adjustments, some drastic some minor, depends. 

I'll also post some updates here these days regarding the new things and what's going to happen in Chapter 3, but mostly it's posted on Patreon 

And there are also gonna be some changes to previous content! In other words, Chapter 3 will be quite big and change/adjust a lot of things. 

Beyond Persona CH2 Final Mirror MEGA Links


MAC Port

PC Port

Is there a mega page for the Mac download?  The current link is not working.

See above, posted some MEGA mirrors for it. 

I can never seem to download the game for Android.  Is there a way you could change the download site to Mega instead?

Here's the link to MEGA


Thank you.

what fetishes are in this now/planned?


Congrats for the game. I like a lot the feet theme and i’ll support you. Can’t wait to try this final chapter 2 update. 

Thank you for that! Glad to hear that, and as I said before, if you have any kind of constructive feedback, I'm here to listen. 

It opens the mac zip when i click on Android

Ops, fixed!

this is awsome interactive porn - i love it

how long do you plan it?

(how many chapters?)

Hard to say, but right now the plan is for the game (current story) to end at Chapter 8. with each chapter being longer than the previous one. 

Chapter 2 Final which will be released in few days will open up the story a bit and give you a slight idea where this is going. 

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What's with the characters the girls are so ugly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 


You're free to do it better then. If you can't then shut the fuck up.


Who are you to talk to me like that bitch is my opinion and you are free to say your opinion so shut your fucking mouth idiot

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Should have called this, Only feet, the spelling errors, and composition leaves a lot to be desired. I want to like it, but, unless you can deal with the writing, and have a MAJOR foot fetish, I think I would find something more up your alley.

I was aware of the spelling errors, aprox 99% of them will be fixed in the release of Chapter 2 Final.

Copy that, pet peeve for me, I will for sure come back and check it out when that rolls out, thanks for addressing it.

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I'm not saying this game is bad or anything, I find it interesting and I like it. But it's a bit to much focus on feet's for a guy who don't have a foot fetish (like myself). And if there's to much focus on a fetish someone don't have it easily gets tiresome. Just a tip for the potensual upcoming games/chapters


Thanks for the heads up, the game looks really good BUT if it will just go on a weird path that the player has little control over, it's better to wait and see.


Art / design looks really good.



Scary aff

Deleted 289 days ago

Yes, it's all in there. 


Please do something to fix the eyes on Allexandra! It feels like I'm looking at E.T when I look at her, and I don't mean the remake of E.T I mean the original film from the 80s! That little nitpick aside though, it's a great game

Ehh I kinda know about that, but right now her new look is work in progress and will be introduced later.

If you could version number the downloaded file it would be very helpful

Well they will be, but right now the Chapter 1 is fully available for download, soon these days Chapter 2 Part 1 will follow, doing final polishes on it right now. 

Everything is good aside from the text  background. If you could make the text background black or at least make the text black it would be much more enjoyable.

Will do something about that in the next update!

It's decent, only thing that sucks is the text background. It's too bright and barely read the text, couldn't even finish playing the game without squinting. 3/5

Will do something about that in the next update!

Do you have another download link? Bcs everytime i try download from itch io it never completed and failed.. i play on android btw.. thx

Same problem with android here, I can unpack the app and stage it but when it get to installation it gets about 80-90% then says app not installed no indication of why though I'm using an A10e I've been able to download pretty much any game on here as long as it isn't too massive data wise not sure why I cant dl this one 

Hey, what kind of phone/tablet is? 

Samsung A10e

android version fails to install after dl.  tried 4 times. 


Hmm, what phone and what version of Android has? 

sm-t510 v10...

if ya need anything more let me know :)

Samsung, perfect, aight gonna get my hands on this model Monday, till then, anything else you get? It just doesn't install or do you get any errors or anything at all, did you allow installing from unknown apps from Settings? Asking to make the tablet close as possible to your environment.

I'll dl again and see if there was any errors 

cleared out anything from last try and downloaded fresh.  unpacked fine but got about 90% installed when a pop up came up simply  saying app was not installed.  no errors and no hit as to what went wrong :/ sorry


Alright, gonna do some test tomorrow on that model see if anything comes up!


If I play this will I get a Persona?

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Haha, maybe, who knows!


The game looks cool and fun but Allexandras face looks a bit creepy


True, a little too bony, almost alien like


E.T... phone... home... What was the artist thinking lmao


Seems like there's a lot of feedback about her haha, will see how I'm gonna fix it, but based on how the story will unfold in Chapter 2 will be quite easy and possible to do that, but don't wanna spoil too much.